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Food Safety
HACCP Program Management)

Source Control

Ensure that each food comes from formal channels and can be traced

Detecting Samples

Daily sampling and testing of fruits, vegetables and meat products for 24 hours

Inventory Management

Standard 5S Preservation and Cold Storage


All refrigerated meat products in summer and autumn


Insecure materials will never enter the kitchen, cooked for 48 hours

Service Advantages

Management Team Experience

The Green Health management team has experience in participating in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and 2012 London Olympic Games athletes' food security services.

Service Concept

Win-win cooperation, consistent

Cost Advantages

Own base and centralized purchasing can reduce your procurement costs

One-stop shopping

We can provide you with the most common ingredients in the cafeteria: fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, spices, meat products, seafood and aquatic products.

Canteen Design

can help customers tailor a cost-effective canteen

Nutrition meal design

Professional dietitians develop nutritious meals based on the characteristics of the dining population