Welcome to Guangzhou Lvkang Agricultural Products Co.,Ltd.

Lukang is a professional integrated service company that integrates planting (farming), agricultural product distribution and meal management. Many people in the management team have experience in food security for athletes participating in the 2010 Asian Games and the 2012 London Olympics (Guangdong Heavy Athletics). At present, it has established good cooperative relations with some organs, institutions, customs, judicial, public security, hotels, schools and foreign-funded companies in Guangzhou and has been fully affirmed and rewarded by the guests. Chaoyang's industry, professional team, rigorous management, caring service, and win-win cooperation! "In the food industry, you have to be a conscientious person!" We have the ability and confidence to provide you with safe, timely, appropriate and continuous products and services!


> Founded in 2009, it is the first to cooperate with Guangzhou Judicial System and Baiyun Lakeside Hotel.

> In 2010, it reached a partnership with Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd. and signed a contract with Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau.

> Participated in the Meizhou Poverty Alleviation Project of the Guangzhou Municipal Government Office in 2011 and established Meizhou Huikang Agricultural Cooperative. It is responsible for promoting the development of the old revolutionary area.

> In 2011, signed a contract with the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs, the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau, and the Guangdong Provincial Sports Training Center for canteen distribution projects. Signed with Guangzhou Dongpu Kindergarten (provincial kindergarten), Huaxing Kindergarten, Tianxing Kindergarten, Tianhe Experimental Kindergarten, etc.

> In April 2012, the new distribution center was officially put into use. The new testing room, fresh-keeping, cold storage and refrigerated transportation provided a strong guarantee for the food and health of customers, and the athletes of Guangdong Heavy Sports Events prepared for the London Olympics. The company has made outstanding contributions and has been praised by customers.

> In June 2014, Lukang Sichuan Branch was formally established in Xihanggang Logistics Park, Shuangliu County, Chengdu.